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The Simulators

Fixed base 737 flight simulators from £159.00PH

flight simulators cockpit

We currently own 4 fixed base 737 flight simulators which professional pilots use daily to practice drills and emergencies. They are 1 to 1 in scale and completely accurate to the real aircraft in every way. In fact the only difference between the fixed base and full motion simulator is that the full motion machines are mounted on giant hydraulic platforms to produce realistic movement, their cockpits, systems and controls work in exactly the same way. The visual systems on the fixed base machines are so good 95% of people think they are moving anyway!

Locations – Manchester – Northampton – West Sussex – Gloucester




As the title suggested these machines are mounted on hydraulic jacks that allow them to replicate the physical sensations felt in a real aircraft. These machines stand 50 feet high and replicate the most severe turbulence. We currently operate 3 types of full motion flight simulator with another coming soon:

Boeing 737 800
Airbus A320
Boeing 747 400
Boeing 757 (Coming soon)

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