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VULCAN Bomber Flight Experience

VULCAN Bomber Flight Experience

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Manchester Branch ONLY

This is currently the only Vulcan Bomber Flight simulator available to fly in the world today – Come and take the controls of the mighty Mach 0.93 V Bomber. Experience the thrill of flying low level through the mountains or the precision required to attempt an inflight aerial tanker refuel, fail and you will run out of fuel in the air! To find out more read below, to book whilst vouchers last click add to basket below.

logo_125px "Four guys just had a fantastic couple of hours on this simulator. It really gets you hooked and gets the ticker going ..! Well worth it and got to say Jamie the pilot was very helpful with loads of patience (as was the receptionist) ..!! Great experience, will return sometime." ratingView all reviews


Product Description

A day to remember

After arriving at our Manchester base you will be escorted to our Top Secret, 1970,s RAF style briefing facility where you will meet your navigator / co pilot / instructor for the sortie. You will review various mission profiles, discuss basic controls as well as complete a full safety briefing before heading into the simulator. Once inside the cockpit is fully enclosed and an exact scale replica of the real aircraft. Plug in your headset, listen to Air Traffic Control and start the 4 Rolls-Royce Olympus engines then taxi to the runway and you’re ready to go.

Throttles forward as 60,000 Lbs of thrust hurl you down the runway, gentle back pressure and your airborne at 140 knots – this aircraft will accelerate quickly as you point the nose skywards and climb at nearly 16,000 feet per minute topping out at its service ceiling of 55,000 feet in just a few minutes.


You choose what you do?

We have carefully designed a number of challenging sorties for you to choose from, whether that’s low level navigation, formation flying, trying your hand at inflight refuelling or simply free flying, we have something for you.

You at the controls not the instructor!

An important point we NEVER forget is that it’s you and not your instructor that will remain at the controls throughout the entire flight, your instructor will offer advise but the flying part is all down to you. Very rarely will your instructor touch the controls unless they are demonstrating a particular technique.

Are there any restrictions?

By trying to keep the inside of the cockpit as close to real life as possible we have used real aircraft dimensions so space is tight. We have built in a single jump seat so you can share the experience with 1 other person. Whilst there are no weight restrictions you should be able to fit into a normal airline style seat. Our age restriction for the Vulcan is 10 years old (The visibility is restricted and younger children even with a booster seat will have problems seeing out the window)


Since going live we have developed a close relationship with the famous XH558 “Vulcan to the sky” team who all agree that this is as close as it comes to the real aircraft, and they should know! We highly recommend you visiting their website and museum for a look at the real aircraft. www.vulcantothesky.org





  • Gate to Gate – Ever wondered how to start a jet? Or want to taxi to the runway? For just £25.00 extra you can add 15 minutes to your session and really get that airline experience Read More

  • Film of your experience – £25.00 Re-live your flight experience with our 3 view, full length DVD of your flight. This keepsake comes in a presentation pack and records 3 views, rear facing cockpit, forward facing cockpit and front window, you will also hear all discussion throughout the session recorded via our headsets. Review your entire flight time and time again in this must have keepsake.

  • Framed Photo – £10.00 Taken by your instructor, this “at the controls” photo comes in a branded picture frame

  • First Class Option – All of the above for only £50.00 saving £10.00 pounds, this is simply the perfect way to remember your special day!



Reviews (3)
5.00 out of 5

1 review for VULCAN Bomber Flight Experience

  1. out of 5

    Flying an Avro Vulcan at Virtual Aerospace, Bacup
    Saturday October 21: a truly memorable experience – a 2-hour session in the Vulcan simulator. If you think the Vulcan sim here must be some sort of gimmick with plastic seats and a computer console, think again. I’d had the honour of seeing into the cockpits of real Vulcan’s, including XM655 (at Wellesbourne) and XH558 (at Doncaster Sheffield) and, believe me, the Vulcan cockpit at Bacup is as real as it gets. Even more astounding is the actual flying experience, from the highly realistic crew briefing room to the actual flying itself, where you can choose a wide range of scenarios – I particularly enjoyed joining a Victor tanker for air-to-air refuelling. Believe me, after only a few minutes you will think that you really are flying an Avro Vulcan. It helped on this occasion that my instructor was Wing Cmdr Bill Ramsey (former RAF and XH558 Vulcan Captain) who had been consulted on the design and operation of the simulator; however, you can be guaranteed that all the instructors are keen ‘Vulcan types’ here. Bill’s input and the superb efforts of the design team at Bacup ensure that the Vulcan experience is as real as it can possibly be. I cannot recommend it highly enough. JOhnathan G

  2. 5 out of 5

    I don’t normally do reviews – but this requires one
    I had a trip in the Vulcan simulator with instructor Peter. We had a thoroughly good time! We packed a lot into 1 hour including low flying in the valleys of the Lake District, beating up Leeds/Bradford airport at night at 200 feet, “touch and go” landings. We even found time for a barrel roll and a full loop. Great session and worth the 250 mile drive, thanks Peter. VicG.

  3. out of 5

    VULCAN REVIEW 17 November 2017
    I have just been on the Vulcan experience & what a great time I had flying at low level among the welsh mountains with Gareth the instructor keeping me out of trouble.I really hope to do it again soon. stuartminshull
    Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom

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