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2 Hour Calling all PPL’s

2 Hour Calling all PPL’s


IDEAL for all PPL qualified pilots

Unlike others we do not charge you for briefing time or for guests

We know who you are – How often have you looked up at the big stuff and thought – i could do that! How different can it really be? Its the same principle as a light aircraft – right! Well this is your chance to find out. 2 Hours of 1 to 1 aviation indulgence. We wont bore you with basic information like effects of controls, QNH or power attitude trim, but we will introduce you to N1 power lag, pitch power settings and acceleration altitude. Come and see what its like to climb from 0 – 3000 feet in 45 seconds.

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Product Description

Whether you’re a low hour PPL or an experienced PPL with multi-engine time this is definitely the challenge for you! Unlike many simulator companies we don’t employ unqualified instructors, all our instructors are at a minimum ATPL / MEIR qualified with hundreds of hours on the Boeing 737 simulator, but most our instructors are ex or current airline pilots with thousands of hours flying transport aircraft.

What to Expect

Upon arrival and after being introduced to your instructor you will undergo a thorough pre-flight briefing covering every aspect of the flight, it will also be a good chance for you to ask any technical questions you may have and off course the instructor will find out more about your current experience level. Then it’s off to the simulator where your session will begin engines off and at the gate. You will follow real Boeing procedures and checklists to prepare the aircraft for flight including, programming the flight management computer,  setting up the cockpit switches, starting the engines and taxing out to the active runway.

Take off checklist complete and off you go with 60,000 KGs of thrust, hurtled down the runway to rotate at nearly 140 Kts, 3000 feet will take approx. 45 seconds. This is the ultimate challenge and will draw upon all your skills as a pilot. We generally spend the first hour simply getting used to the aircrafts handling followed by some touch and goes.

The second hour is your chance to try your hand either with some emergencies or some of the worlds most difficult landings.

This is truly an amazing introduction to big jet flying which we are sure you will find the ultimate thrill!


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