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30 Minute Alps Christmas Gift Experience Special


30 Minute Alps Christmas Gift Experience Special

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30 minute Alpine Challenge!

Lined up at Salzburg on runway 1.6 it’s throttles forward as you thunder down the runway ready for this flight of a lifetime! A Steep climb to avoid the foothills of the Alps, and then levelling off at 15,000 ft you set course to the west where on route you can practice some general handling skills to get the feel of the aircraft. As you close in on Switzerland, the foothills turn into mountains and gradually get higher and higher, and it’s not long before you start your approach into the famous Innsbruck airport.
As you descend into the valley you will ha ave 9,500 ft mountain to your right and a 14,500 ft mountain to your left, and once you’ve descended into the valley there is no escape so precision is key!
Approximately 5 miles before you reach Innsbruck the craziness really begins! Real world procedures call for you to turn left towards a mountain, you will then turn parallel to the airport flying as close to the mountain as you dare! At the very end of the valley it’s a steep continuous right turn, and with no time to line up you must land on runway 0.8. Too short and you are in the river, too long and you are in the middle of the town! This approach is so difficult that in the real world even experienced Airline Captains undertake a course to be able to land here! But today it’s just you with a little help from your expert instructor!


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Product Description

Christmas Gift Experience – A day to remember

All of our instructors are experienced commercial pilots having flown thousands of hours and will tailor your session to your own experience level.  Friends or family members can join you in the cockpit. A 180 degree wrap around screen, realistic out the window scenery, and real aircraft sounds will fool your senses and most people soon forget their not in a real aircraft, and how it gets the adrenaline pumping.

You at the controls not the instructor!

An important point we NEVER forget is that its you and not your instructor that will remain at the controls throughout the session, taxi, take off, general handling and landings, your instructor will offer advise but the flying part is all down to you. Very rarely will you instructor touch the controls unless they are demonstrating a particular technique.

A Film showing the final part of the Innsbruck approach as flown by 2 of our instructors


  • Upon arrival you will be met by one of our operations staff and shown to the waiting area where refreshments are available.
  • At your designated flight time you will meet your instructor who will carry out a full briefing focusing on the aircraft and a few tips on handling this tricky airport.
  • This is where the fun really starts, it’s off to the simulator where you will find the engines running and the aircraft ready to go.
  • Seat belt signs on, flaps down and throttles forwards – 30 minutes of flying goes in a flash and will leave you wanting more!
  • Spectator jump seat – share your experience with a friend or family member (Only enough room for 2 passenger).


  • Gate to Gate – Ever wondered how to start a jet? Or want to taxi to the runway? For just £25.00 extra you can add 15 minutes to your session and really get that airline experience Read More

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