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CLP / IR Qualified – 737 Instructor Course Leading To Employment – Whether you are recently qualified, with or without and NCC/JOC, Recently retired from line flying or have lost your medical we are interested in you. Virtual Aerospace are currently looking for instructors of all levels for both our professional pilot and flight experiences business. This course is designed to fill in any experience gaps, teach you how to handle our simualtors or bring rusty skills back up to scratch. There is a garunteed job at the end of the course, please read below for details.



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Product Description

Newly Qualified CPL / IR, Retired or Medically Discharged 737 Flight Simulator Instructor Course


Sywell Airport (Northampton – 1  instructors required)
Manchester – 2 Instructor Required)
Shoreham (Brighton City Airport) – 1 Instructors Required

Once training has finished new instructors can choose which days they want to work, from 1 day per month up to 10-15 days depending upon availability.

Guaranteed Job (or hold pool leading to guaranteed work)

At the end of the course and in most cases you will join our shift rotor as a Virtual Aerospace Instructor at the end of your training, however in the event we have a full roster, or you are not willing to travel to a different branch then you will automatically join our hold pool. However we will make the simulator available for solo practice for 2 hours per month for a period of up to 12 months until a position comes available, please note that at time of writing (Feb 2019)  all newly qualified instructors have being offered paid work at the end of their training.

Course Background

We are the largest simulator company in the UK operating nine simulators across 5 locations. During the past nine years we have flown more than 150,000 operational hours and during this time we have taken on more than 150 commercial pilots from a number of different backgrounds, this includes 109 newly qualified pilots looking for their first job. Of these people 105 of them now fly for the airlines. One thing all of them have in common is they cite being a VA flight Instructor as key to them both passing the sim check with ease as well as maintaining currency and differentiating themselves from the masses whilst looking for that first job.  However as a company we have also benefitted from having enthusiastic individuals with a passion for aviation sharing this love and knowledge  with our customers, the perfect symbiotic relationship!

A Modular Approach

Whilst we understand that many of you will be newly out of training with a fresh 737 MCC course under your belts,  some may not  have an MCC at all and others may feel they need refresher IR training or exposure to a transport aircraft environment, some may have forgotten everything having not flown for many years! This is why we created a professionally produced and written 7 module course designed for any level of commercial pilot. Very rusty individuals may start right at module 1, with CPL level GH and IR practice,  where as a newly qualified, current MCC pilots may jump directly to module 5 (mini type rating) and current line pilots that may have recently lost their medical can go directly to module 7 the instructor course. To decide who needs to do what, we have created a specialised sim assessment session, 3 hours in duration it is not a test, merely an assessment of your currency and skills. You will go through a number of fairly basic flying related questions before taking to our simulator and flying both a raw data departure as well as a fully automated VNAV, LNAV departure, undertake some basic GH as well as some non normal failures requiring use of QRH and memory items so we can ascertain what module to fit you into.

This simulator Assessment session can be purchased separately by clicking the following link or going back and selecting CLP / IR 737 Instructor Assessment Session

You can view the modules by clicking on the following PDF: MODULE MAP PDF





Once you have completed the assessment you can then pay for each further module of training at the below outlined rates.


Assesment Cost –

Module 1 – Flight Basics  (£750) – (10 hour simulator time + 5 hours solo practice)
Module 2 – Advanced Handling (£750) – (10 hour simulator time + 5 hours solo practice)
Module 3 – IFR Recap (£750) – (10 hour simulator time + 5 hours solo practice)
Module 4 – Advanced IFR (£750) – (10 hour simulator time + 5 hours solo practice)
Module 5 – Mini 737 Type Rating (£750) – (10 hour simulator time + 5 hours solo practice)
Module 6 – VA MCC Re Cap (£750) – (10 hour simulator time + 5 hours solo practice)
Module 7 – VA Instructor Rating (£750) – (10 hour simulator time + 5 hours solo practice)

Total estimated Dual Instruction 50 – 70 Hrs
Total estimated Solo Practice 30-50 Hrs

In the unlikely event you need more hours then these can be purchased at £50 per hour Dual or £30 per hour Solo.
Please note that in 90% of cases the course has been completed within the designated time frame.

Course Format & Lesson Plans

Each module is split into a number of lessons combined with solo practice. Upon booking you will receive access to our student study pack, this includes a PDF Boeing 737 QRH, welcome document, module lesson plan and VA checklist & flight profile data sheet. In most cases, lessons are conducted in groups of 3, i.e. your instructor as well as you and another student. Lessons are usually in blocks of 2 or 4 hours and can be arranged to suit your availability Mon to Friday both daytime or evening and weekend evenings.  At the end of each module there is a progress test, once passed the module is signed off, at which point you simply move onto the next module.

Working As A VA Instructor!

The final test complete, you are now a qualified Virtual Aerospace Flight Instructor,  Rosters are produced at the beginning of each month,  Instructor days usually start at 09:15 with you starting the simulator and taking the aircraft for a test flight. Your first customer will then arrive around 09:45 for their briefing. Typical flying days are between 4 & 6 flying hours, seldom do you know who’s going to walk through the door. A retired captain,  A fear of flying? A flight simmer? A professional pilot preparing for their first interview or a flight experience customer. Your training will have prepared you for any eventuality!


If you still have questions then feel free to email our chief pilot directly outlining any experience you may already have or leave your email or telephone number with our operations department.
mark @ virtual-aerospace.com

Operations: 01604 211336

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