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737 or A320 Group Bookings – Full Motion Simulator

737 or A320 Group Bookings – Full Motion Simulator

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The Ultimate Group Challenge

Try to imagine this – your instructor is sitting beside you in our 15-million-pound flight simulator but only you are touching the controls.  Throttles forwards and you will be pressed into your seat as you accelerate to 150mph, a firm pull on the controls and you will feel as the aircraft rockets into the virtual sky, quickly accelerating to 250mph.  You will complete a full circuit of a major airport before attempting to bring the aircraft back in to land again. For more information read below.



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Product Description

A day to remember

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What to expect

Upon arrival, you will be met by one of our fully qualified, commercial pilot instructors. Over refreshments they will give your group a brief overview of how the session works, a safety briefing followed by a more in-depth 20-minute briefing on how to fly the Boeing 737 800 or Airbus A320 aircraft, hopefully with crashing or getting lost! After the briefing is complete you will be escorted to one of our 50 feet high, £15 Million-pound flight simulators, each machine is capable of replicating every feeling felt in a real airliner including high winds & severe turbulence!

A Friendly Competition

Although not compulsory we always find the best sessions are those with a bit of friendly competition. Our instructors mark each pilot on such criteria as, accuracy, not getting lost and being a full motion machine not giving everybody back ache with heavy landings!  At the end of the session the marks are tallied up and a small prize if presented by our instructor.

If a member of your group has some real flying experience you should inform the instructor who will add a handicap based on experience to keep it all fair.

You at the controls

Whichever aircraft type you decide to fly you will be at the controls for the full flight, from take-off, all the way back to landing. Your instructor will provide advice and suggestions throughout the flight but at the end of the day it’s all down to you! We can fit up to 5 people in the simulator at a time including your instructor and throughout the session you will rotate around until everybody has had a go.

Time at the controls is approx. 20 minutes which is the time it usually takes to complete a full circuit.

What to Do When Not Flying

Our full motion simulators are based at Burgess Hill, East Sussex, when not flying you will be able to relax in our crew canteen or designated briefing area.

Conference & Hotel facilities, meeting rooms & food

If you would like us to arrange for any of the above items, then we can quote and arrange for this separately






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