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60 Minute Flight Simulator Experience (BEST SELLER)


60 Minute Flight Simulator Experience (BEST SELLER)

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VOUCHER PACK INCLUDED – Comes with a 12 page booklet all about VA flight experiences.

***We do not charge you for briefings or guests***

From the moment you arrive at our airport themed reception, you will be instantly transported into the world of the big jet pilot. This is not just a pretend aircraft used for experiences but a fully operational professional level 737NG used to train real airline pilots, join a fully qualified commercial pilot for the ride of your life!

logo_125px "Four guys just had a fantastic couple of hours on this simulator. It really gets you hooked and gets the ticker going ..! Well worth it and got to say Jamie the pilot was very helpful with loads of patience (as was the receptionist) ..!! Great experience, will return sometime." ratingView all reviews


Product Description

Fly Our Award Winning Flight Simulator

TripAdvisor 2015 & 2016,2017 & 2018 Customer Service Excellence Winner
Business Link – Best customer service, best overall business award 2014 & 2017
Used to train real pilots, we have opened this unique world up to the general public
What Is A Flight Simulator?

What Is A Flight Simulator?

A flight simulator is a 1:1 scale, exact replica of an airliner cockpit – with no experience required you can now experience the thrill of controlling a 550mph, 80-ton jet airliner from the captain’s seat. Everything works the same as the real aircraft, and if you or somebody you know likes aircraft then this is the ultimate gift!
What to Expect On The Day

What to Expect On The Day

  • You will be met in our airport-themed departure lounge/reception by either a member of our operations team or flight instructor
  • The instructor will then show you and up to 3 friend/observers (16 at our Manchester sim) into a briefing room to go over the aircraft controls and discuss the virtual airport you want to fly from (we have almost every airport in the world in our database)!
  • Once the briefing is complete its off to the simulator, the person flying will be shown into the captains seat, we can also fit one observer in the cockpit on what’s called the jump behind the captain and anybody else can settle into an airline seat in our mockup cabin, with an option to visit the flight deck whenever they want.
  • Once the aircraft engines are running, you’re off to the virtual sky’s and only at this point will your session time begin, briefing times are provided free of charge.
  • At the end of your session, you might have completed lots of takeoffs and landings or opted to fly from one airport to another just like the real world, you now have a chance to take photos in the cockpit

This really is as real as it gets and at the end of the experience, you will feel like you have actually been flying!
Do I share My Experience With Others?

Do I share My Experience With Others?

No – all simulator sessions are 1 to 1, just you, your friends or family and one of our highly experienced commercial pilot instructors!

Do I Pay Extra For Spectators Or Friends?

Absolutely not, some companies do charge for this but not here at Virtual Aerospace, if you wish you can even share your time at the controls with your friends or family! We have an extra observers seat in the cockpit (Jump Seat) and a mock-up cabin (see photos above) everybody will feel like they were part of the experience!

How Much Time Do I Get At The Controls?

Most people are surprised to find out that in a typical 60-minute session that they will be at the controls for at least 58 minutes of the flight! That includes the first takeoffs and landings, while the instructor is there to give advise and set up the buttons and switches and occasionally demonstrate a manoeuvre, you will be doing all the flying throughout your session!

Do They Move?

There are two types of flight simulator, full motion (we have those as well) and Fixed Base, this experience is for the fixed base, does that mean its boring and doesn’t move? No Way, anybody that has sat inside a train, static at a station and then thought they were moving when the train next to them pulls away have experienced the visual illusion we use in the simulators. However, we go further using vibration devices and audiovisual cuing to fool you into thinking your moving. It’s not unusual for people to ask at the end of the session “what motion platform we use” the answer is we dont, it’s all an illusion! – your senses are simply fooled into thinking you’re moving!

Do I Get To Choose What Airport I Fly From?

Absolutely – We have a 24,000 airport database and the software accurately recreates the whole planet. So you can pretty much choose wherever you want, of course we have some favourite destinations like the old Hong Kong Kai Tak, Innsbruck and Madeira but we also have every single airport in the world within our database apart from the odd farm strip!

What Happens In the Session?

Whether you want to practice, takeoffs and landings, try your hand at engine failures, fires or hundreds of other emergencies or simply test your hand-eye control by flying into some of the world’s most challenging airports it’s your experience and you can do whatever you want! Some people want to fly from gate to gate and A to B like a real airline pilot, the sky truly is the limit!

Gift Voucher Pack as standard

One thing we NEVER forget is that it’s your experience and not your instructors! You will remain at the controls throughout the session, taxi, take off, general handling and landings, your instructor will offer advice, but the flying part is all down to you. Very rarely will your instructor touch the controls unless they are demonstrating a particular technique.

Gift Voucher Pack as standard

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  • Gate to Gate – Ever wondered how to start a jet? Or want to taxi to the runway? For just £25.00 extra you can add 15 minutes to your session and really get that airline experience Read More

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    As real as you want (Tripadvisor Review)

    My buddy and I like a sim trip every year or so and when the email special offer from Virtual Aerospace came out it was too good to pass up.
    We booked 3 hours and had an amazing time.Whether hand flying or driving the FMC and AP, your instructor will take you through it all and make it a wonderful experience.
    This was my three trip with these guys and I was again very impressed

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