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January Sale – 15 Hour Virtual Type Rating & Line Flying for the price of 10 hours!

January Sale – 15 Hour Virtual Type Rating & Line Flying for the price of 10 hours!

2 Reviews 5.00

This course is a real treat to those who want total aviation immersion!

Buy 15 hours of simulator time for a fraction of the normal price of even 10! – This marvelous opportunity can be divided between up to 4 half days or taken back to back over 2 days. This is simulator time a cost, and a must have purchase for anybody looking to develop their airline flying skills to the max!

This course is a real first for the simulator world. Ever wanted to be an airline pilot, want to learn indepth but circumstances prevented you from achieving your dream then this course will provide you with a new and completely unique and amazing experience.

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Product Description

This 2 to 3 day flight simulator course (doesn’t have to be consecutive) will allow you to emulate every aspect of an airline pilot’s day to day job. The course is split into 2 sections, learning to operate the aircraft followed by gate to gate airline operations, if you ever wanted to be an airline pilot, this is the course for you!

All instructors are all commercially qualified and will be putting you through similar training to that undertaken by real airline pilots. Obviously we can’t cram 1500 hours of real world training into a 10 hour course but we have tailored the sessions carefully to challenge everybody from those who have never flown before to highly experienced PPL’s or commercial pilots looking to challenge themselves.




  • All instructors commercially qualified pilots / current airline pilots.
  • 120 degree wrap around visual system for total realism.
  • Real 737 engine and cabin sounds.
  • High resolution, ultra real graphics including more than 25,000 major airports around the world.

Reviews (2)
5.00 out of 5

1 review for January Sale – 15 Hour Virtual Type Rating & Line Flying for the price of 10 hours!

  1. out of 5

    (verified owner) –

    Tripadvisor review – Lazydays – 25 July 2015

    I could resist no longer so booked myself on the 10 hour two-day course recently following a few 30 minute sessions. The two day course obviously costs a fair bit more than a 30 minute sortie, but you are able to settle down, get used to the environment, ask plenty of questions and have time for it all to sink in. You get so much more out of the experience if you do a little homework first. All the team were very friendly, and it’s a great facility. Lee my instructor was just brilliant, and I learned so much during the experience that you just can’t get out of reading books and manuals. It culminated in me managing and flying an entire real-time flight from Gatwick to Sola airport in Norway with Lee as my F/O. A trip I’ve done around 40 times over the last 8 months for work however the first time with me in the Captain’s seat knowing what I’m doing! With a final successful solo circuit around Gatwick, Lee declared me fit to use the the simulator on my own without any instructor in the future with a discounted cost. Wicked! I’ll be back for some of that.

    OK so it’s a fair slice of money, and there is always something else (bills etc) to spend your hard-earned on. However, if you yearn to fly some heavy metal this is probably the closest you’re ever going to get. Trust me, just do it. You wont regret it. Best money I’ve spent in a long time.

  2. 5 out of 5

    You have just got to do this! – 2017
    I have just completed the 10 hour course at Shoreham on the 737 OMG, what a week end. Iain (Pilot) was a real star. We did too much to list all the items but if you are a Simulator fan then I totally recommend an evening stormy ILS approach with crosswind into Ibiza; how much fun was that! The 3D sound of the deep rumbling thunder and rain plus the great effect of the runway lights finally popping out of the gloom is a real treat. Maybe try the clear weather late evening approach into an airport of your choice fantastic. I can’t praise this experience enough except to say that when Virtual Aerospace get fed up with the kit, then I definitely want it. You can play with as much of the kit as you can handle from the pre-start and push back to FMC programming and autopilot controls. Iain helped me through the whole thing we had a great laugh that included the handling of an engine fire as well as rapid cabin decompression, one final word, Awesome. I have indicated that this is a solo attraction but there is the facility to take someone with you if you like. There is also a coffee machine but that needs cash so take a drink and food with you as there are no snacks available. BAn

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