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Full Motion Boeing 737 800

Full Motion Boeing 737 800

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VOUCHER PACK INCLUDED – Comes with a 12 page booklet all about VA flight experiences.

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These machines are so so real they will literally take your breath away! Its not surprising they cost upwards of £15 million pounds, they perfectly replicate the feeling of flight in every sense, from bumps on the runway, being shoved into your seat and the feeling of acceleration at take-off, to increased G forces in tight turns and even the violence of severe turbulence. There is simply only one word to describe these machines … Awesome!! Book your flight NOW.

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"Intense introduction to Real Flying - Reviewed June 2019 by Roam09365"





Product Description


Our training fleet of full motion simulators are based near Gatwick Airport at Burgess Hill with our 747 based at Cardiff Airport. These machines are full flight (Level D) all with 6 Degrees of freedom and worth over £10 million each. They are currently used daily by both UK & overseas airlines for all parts of initial, recurrent and emergency training. All of these machines are zero-hour machines which mean they possess accurate enough flight characteristics to not require real aircraft time during a training.

Now with NO experience you can find out what its like to fly one of these amazing machines!


The simulator is not a large space, and this is a 24 hour training facility used by the airlines to maintain their pilots currency, so is not set up for the general public. You may bring a maximum of 2 adults (over 16) with you to the simulator, unfortunately the centre cannot accommodate more people than this.


Reviews (1)
5.00 out of 5

1 review for Full Motion Boeing 737 800

  1. 5 out of 5

    This Blew My Mind!

    I am a PPL with 250 ish hours and decided to treat myself to a one hour full motion flight experience. Looking through the glass at this massive box on hydraulics was intimidating to say the least and some of my “Im a pilot ill know what im doing” confidence escaped me. The experience itself was the best I have ever had…. You really feel like you are flying and i have 100% more respect for the guys that operate these on a day to day basis now. If you a PPL dont think this is anything like flying a PA28! ITS NOT. And the realism is just breathtaking. I will be back again very very soon – AWSOME – TOTALLY AWESOME! Not much more to say.

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