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Our flight experiences come with an option of booking in a group, whether it is for corporate entertainment or with a group of friends, it is fun for all.

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You’re a passenger at 35,000 feet when a cabin crew announcement issues those fatal words – “can anyone fly the plane”. You put your hand up and are escorted to the now empty cockpit, the crew member tells you that both the Pilots ate the fish and are now incapacitated. They strap you into the captain’s seat and its now down to you to bring 180 virtual passengers safely back to earth!





From: £150

The Ultimate Group Challenge

Try to imagine this – your instructor is sitting beside you in our 15-million-pound flight simulator but only you are touching the controls.  Throttles forwards and you will be pressed into your seat as you accelerate to 150mph, a firm pull on the controls and you will feel as the aircraft rockets into the virtual sky, quickly accelerating to 250mph.  You will complete a full circuit of a major airport before attempting to bring the aircraft back in to land again. For more information read below.



From: £700
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