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This truly unique product is designed to fully immerse you in the world of the big jet pilot! Whether you have never flown before, are an experience PPL or flight simulator enthusiast or even a commercial pilot we can tailor the day to meet your needs. This is 5 hours at the controls and a further 2-3 hours of briefings. A truly remarkable experience.


This course is a real treat to those who want total aviation immersion!

This course is a real first for the simulator world. Ever wanted to be an airline pilot, want to learn indepth but circumstances prevented you from achieving your dream then this course will provide you with a new and completely unique and amazing experience.


IDEAL for all PPL qualified pilots

Unlike others we do not charge you for briefing time or for guests

We know who you are – How often have you looked up at the big stuff and thought – i could do that! How different can it really be? Its the same principle as a light aircraft – right! Well this is your chance to find out. 2 Hours of 1 to 1 aviation indulgence. We wont bore you with basic information like effects of controls, QNH or power attitude trim, but we will introduce you to N1 power lag, pitch power settings and acceleration altitude. Come and see what its like to climb from 0 – 3000 feet in 45 seconds.


NO FLYING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! ***UPDATE – only, 1 Vacancy at Sywell & 1 at Manchester remain, Shoreham is now full.***

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We are currently the only flight simulator company in the world to be able to offer this unique product! This course will take individuals with little or no flying experience and train them to  to be simulator flight instructors. Whats more, upon successfull completion of the course, and after a short interview (held before you start your training and subject to a full refund should for any reason you not pass) you will be offered a job with Virtual Aerospace as a simulator flight instructor.  This entitles you to not only wear the white Virtual Aerospace pilots shirt with 3 silver bars and call yourself a commercial 737 instructor. It also means you will be paid to fly!!! In addition to this, and after completing at least 250 hours of paid instructor work you can upgrade your licence to include teaching on one of our50 feet high, 15 million pound full motion simulators.  Regardless of your motivation this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually live your dream!

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