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Unforgettable Flight Simulator Unusual Gift Experiences

Do you dread buying gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or any other special days? Because what can you give someone that has got it all? Well we have the answer to your worries! At Virtual Aerospace, we offer a range of unusual gift experiences and flight simulator experiences to create a memorable gift for your loved ones.

Ranging from 737 Airline Flight Simulator Experiences to Vulcan Bomber Flight Simulator Experiences and an Airbus Full Motion Experience, we can offer a once in a lifetime experience! With our highly experienced pilots guiding you on your journey and answering any questions you have, this experience is not only exhilarating and thrilling, but you will also learn a huge amount about the planes and experience first hand the day to day encounters a pilot will face. The beauty of these unusual gifts, is that they can be given at any time of the year and for any occasion!

Our best seller, 737 Flight Simulator Experience, will give the option of flying for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, whatever you feel brave enough to do. Within this experience, your instructor will give complete control of the cockpit but will be there to advise you on anything to ensure you feel comfortable to take on the simulator on your own. You will be surrounded by an 180 degree wrap around screen with extremely realistic graphics and scenery surrounding you assisting real aircraft sounds to play with your senses, you will soon question whether this is actually just a simulator! You will also be given the option of having any family and friends in the cockpit. You also have the decision to make as to whether you want to practice take offs and landing at any of our 24,000 world airports, or maybe you are interested in trying your hand at engine failures and what would happen if this occurred on a real airline. This particular experience is good for those that are slightly nervous to fly on real airlines, as you will get to understand what actually happens in a cockpit when an emergency arises.

As mentioned previously, another one of our popular unusual gift experiences, the Vulcan Bomber Flight Experience, which is very different to the 737 experience. This simulator, which is based in our Manchester branch, is currently the only Vulcan Bomber simulator available to fly in the world, which makes it an even more of an exciting and special gift! If you are looking for a simulator experience to give you a thrill and exhilarating flight, then this fighter jet experience will provide you with exactly that. After being briefed in the RAF style facility you will be enclosed in the exact scale replica of the Vulcan Bomber cockpit and be given a headset to listen to air control. Whilst flying low level your precision skills will come in handy when gliding through the mountain ranges of your chosen destination. You can also attempt formation flying or inflight refuelling, whatever you desire to give a go the speed of this jet will be sure to get your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing!

If you think our Flight Simulators and Unusual Gift Experiences will be perfect for your loved one, then why not have a browse of the rest of our website to see what other experiences and gifts we have on offer. We have one off experiences and also courses available if you just can’t get enough of being in control in the cockpit. We also offer fear of flying sessions that are sure to calm your nerves when on a real flight so you can look forward to your holiday instead of the dread of the flight. For more information on our unusual gift experiences then contact us on info@virtual-aerospace.com or if you would like to go ahead and book one of these amazing, memorable flight simulator experiences, then visit our website, email bookings@virtual-aerospace.com or call us on our booking hotline 01604 211336.

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