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Full Motion Boeing 737 (NG) and Classic

These full motion Boeing 737 flight simulator machines are truly as close to flying the real aircraft a non airline pilot can possibly get, one look at the statistics is enough to see why our prices are phenomenally cheap starting at just £399.00 for an hour (The cheapest proper full motion flight simulator price in Europe).

What you need to know about real full motion Boeing 737 flight simulators

  • Each one of our machines cost in excess of £10 million pounds
  • The actual simulator is taller than the real aircraft – at full hydraulic height they are close to 30 feet tall!
  • They are capable of replicating every feeling felt in a real aircraft including mild through to severe turbulence
  • Our machines are fully certified and active training real pilots daily, we share our simulators with Easyjet, Wizzair, Thomsons, jet 2 to name but a few!
  • A pilot can be signed off to fly an airliner having ONLY ever flown the simulator – they are that real!
  • All our pilots / instructors are current commercial pilots flying for airlines such as (British Airways, Easyjet, Wizzair, Ryanair, Jet 2, Emirates, Atlantic airways and many more)
  • Our training centres are fully equipped with briefing rooms all fully equipped with whiteboards, cardboard replica cockpits, computers and printers, our centres also have crew rooms where refreshments can be purchased

full motion boeing 737 flight simulator controlfull motion boeing 737 sim dash






full motion boeing 737 sim doorfull motion boeing 737 flight simulator


Want the most realistic flying airline experience possible anywhere in the world to day, book your full motion sessions now.

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