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737 INSTRUCTOR COURSE – Some Experience


737 INSTRUCTOR COURSE – Some Experience

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SOME EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! ***UPDATE – only 3 places left***

We are currently the only flight simulator company in the world to be able to offer this unique product! This course will take individuals with with specific flying or simulator skills and train them to  to be simulator flight instructors. Whats more, upon successfull completion of the course, and after a short interview (held before you start your training and subject to a full refund should for any reason you not pass) you will be offered a job with Virtual Aerospace as a simulator flight instructor.  This entitles you to not only wear the white Virtual Aerospace pilots shirt with 3 silver bars and call yourself a commercial 737 instructor. It also means you will be paid to fly!!! In addition to this, and after completing at least 250 hours of paid instructor work you can upgrade your licence to include teaching on one of our50 feet high, 15 million pound full motion simulators.  Regardless of your motivation this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually live your dream

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Product Description

0% Interest finance is available with this course.

Whilst the entry requirements to this course do not include having a commercial pilot licence, obviously you would have our reputation in your hands so we have to be 100% comfortable that you are the right kind of person prior to training. This involves a short interview followed by a simulator assessment session in one of our fixed base simulators (this is charged for at a discounted rate, however should you pass then it will be deducted from your course fee, the assessment is currently £100 pounds). We are looking for individuals that not only display a passion for aviation but whom will also respect our equipment and demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning.

Minimum Requirement:

This is a cut down version of the No Experience Necessary course and is targeted at individuals with the following experience:

PPL or ME Rating with a minimum of either the En Route IR or IMC but more preferably an Instrument rating – you should be comfortable with instrument flying basics such as ILS approach, SID, Star and Holds etc.

or you should be:

What we would call a hardcore flight simulator enthusiasts ideally with some real flying experience. You should be extremely comfortable with PMDG 737 800, be able to program a gate to gate route using the FMC, have an excellent understanding of automated flight, MCP, EFIS etc, Be able to name every component in the cockpit and explain what it does, have experience flying on Vatsim, IVAO or similar. You may also fly for a virtual airline and be extremely comfortable with normal airline operations.

If you fall into either of the above groups of people then this will cut training time down by approx 30% against the no experience course.

So what’s covered in the course?

  • Basic flying training (this section is skipped if you hold a PPL)
  • Operating a multi engine aircraft / jet differences
  • Boeing 737 introduction
  • Systems / automation
  • Simulator operation
  • Airline operations / line training
  • Instructing techniques
  • Final flight test (Conducted with CFI who role play being a customer)

We will provide all the written material, DVD,s and information required to complete this course, you will also be allocated an instructor buddy who will be available as a mentor throughout the course.

Course Length

The course is approx 10 days long but can be taken in smaller chunks such as evenings, weekends etc, however we do need the course completed within a maximum of 2 months. You should also budget for at lease 1 group of 4 consecutive days, approx timings are as below:

  • 25 hours of briefings – usually conducted prior to flying sessions but some stand alone class room time is required.
  • 20 Fixed Base simulator hours with instructor.
  • 10 Fixed Base simulator hours solo.
  • 2 hours of Flight tests

Total flying time included within the course

  • 30 hours

If you would like to find out more about this course then please call our operations department who will arrange for a senior instructor to call you back.

After Completion

Fly for Virtual Aerospace as a part time instructor

Once you have finished your training you will be qualified as a Virtual Aerospace Flight Instructor, you can then either hire the simulator at a heavily discounted rate or if desired you can join our team of instructors and be paid to undertake customer flight experiences. These can be undertaken on both weekdays as well as weekends and for some allow them to pay the course fee back, for others just acting as a professional flight instructor is enough to fulfill a life long ambition, particularly in an airliner environment!


Does this course count towards a real flying licence?

Unfortunately NOT, however you could log this time within a real flight log book under the synthetic training tab, whilst it would certainly reduce real training time which would save you thousands of pounds  it is a non certified course and would only be recognized within the non certified flight simulator community with companies similar to VA.


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