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Virtual Aerospace

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You’re a passenger at 35,000 feet when a cabin crew announcement issues those fatal words – “can anyone fly the plane”. You put your hand up and are escorted to the now empty cockpit, the crew member tells you that both the Pilots ate the fish and are now incapacitated. They strap you into the captain’s seat and its now down to you to bring 180 virtual passengers safely back to earth!



VOUCHER PACK INCLUDED – Comes with a 12 page booklet all about VA flight experiences.

We do not charge you for briefings or for guests

From the moment you arrive at our airport themed reception you will be instantly transported into the world of the big jet pilot. This is not just a pretend aircraft used for experiences but a fully operational professional level 737NG used to train real airline pilots, join a fully qualified commercial pilot for the ride of your life!


From: £110

Manchester Branch ONLY

This is currently the only Vulcan Bomber Flight simulator available to fly in the world today – Come and take the controls of the mighty Mach 0.93 V Bomber. Experience the thrill of flying low level through the mountains or the precision required to attempt an inflight aerial tanker refuel, fail and you will run out of fuel in the air! To find out more read below, to book whilst vouchers last click add to basket below.

From: £120

VOUCHER PACK INCLUDED – Comes with a 12 page booklet all about VA flight experiences.

0% Interest finance now available

These machines are so so real they will literally take your breath away! Its not surprising they cost upwards of £15 million pounds, they perfectly replicate the feeling of flight in every sense, from bumps on the runway, being shoved into your seat and the feeling of acceleration at take-off, to increased G forces in tight turns and even the violence of severe turbulence. There is simply only one word to describe these machines … Awesome!! Book your flight NOW.

From: £499


This truly unique product is designed to fully immerse you in the world of the big jet pilot! Whether you have never flown before, are an experience PPL or flight simulator enthusiast or even a commercial pilot we can tailor the day to meet your needs. This is 5 hours at the controls and a further 2-3 hours of briefings. A truly remarkable experience.


The Ultimate Group Challenge

Try to imagine this – your instructor is sitting in the back seat, you and a collegue are sat at the controls ready to take an 80 ton, 250mph airliner into the air with just a little back seat advice from your instructor! You will complete a full  circuit of a major airport before attempting to bring the aircraft back in to land again. For more information read below.



From: £150

Our simulator is brand new and 1:1 scale, the visuals are the best available and the sounds are sampled directly from the real aircraft, add background air traffic control, passengers chatting in the cabin and you would be forgiven in thinking you weren’t fully loaded and ready for a days delivering travelers around the world.

From: £169 £159

IDEAL for all PPL qualified pilots

Unlike others we do not charge you for briefing time or for guests

We know who you are – How often have you looked up at the big stuff and thought – i could do that! How different can it really be? Its the same principle as a light aircraft – right! Well this is your chance to find out. 2 Hours of 1 to 1 aviation indulgence. We wont bore you with basic information like effects of controls, QNH or power attitude trim, but we will introduce you to N1 power lag, pitch power settings and acceleration altitude. Come and see what its like to climb from 0 – 3000 feet in 45 seconds.


The Ultimate Group Challenge

Try to imagine this – your instructor is sitting beside you in our 15-million-pound flight simulator but only you are touching the controls.  Throttles forwards and you will be pressed into your seat as you accelerate to 150mph, a firm pull on the controls and you will feel as the aircraft rockets into the virtual sky, quickly accelerating to 250mph.  You will complete a full circuit of a major airport before attempting to bring the aircraft back in to land again. For more information read below.



From: £700

The Ultimate Gift Voucher

For that person with everything – the difficult to buy for or the pure enthusiast, Virtual Aerospace gift vouchers are a fantastic contribution to that experience of a lifetime!

They come in a glossy presentation pack making them the ideal gift!

From: £10

This course is a real treat to those who want total aviation immersion!

This course is a real first for the simulator world. Ever wanted to be an airline pilot, want to learn indepth but circumstances prevented you from achieving your dream then this course will provide you with a new and completely unique and amazing experience.


Fear of flying is responsible for ruining countless family holidays, restricting career opportunities, and turning what for many is a pleasurable experience into a feat of hellish endurance!

Virtual Aerospace fear of flying course is conducted 1 to 1 with a real commercial pilot inside one of our professional flight simulators. Our goal during the session is to fully explore what aspect of fear you might have, lack of control, fear of turbulance or claustrophobia plus many other potential triggers by inviting you to join a short virtual flight in the cockpit of a very realistic feeling flight simulator. You will learn exactly what pilots do, how safe these machines really are and start to better understand the mechanics of airline flying.

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