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Virtual Aerospace

Fixed Base Flight Simulator

Our 3 fixed base flight simulators are brand new, not only are they used by professional pilots and the general public, they are also used by TV stars, radio stars and even film stars, they are often used by BBC, SKY Atlantic the ITV and SKY for documentaries as well as the news and TV dramas. The reason these machines are so in demand is because of how real they feel, not only does every button and system work like the real aircraft, but the visual system is projected onto a 180 degree wrap around screen, which produces an image which is incredibly realistic, add to that real aircraft sounds and rumble and you have the ultimate virtual reality!

Unbelievably real visuals – watch our short film.

See for yourself – the following film was taken during several customer experiences.

If your looking to book the ultimate airliner experience then take a look at some of our flight experiences they make the ultimate gift.

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